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Success Story

Briogeo Needed Their Facebook Ads on Snapchat 

We Repurposed Briogeo's Most Successful Existing Facebook Assets for Snap Ads and Story Ads

The Story

Naturally based hair care company Briogeo had been seeing a great return on their ad spends on Facebook, and was hoping to start marketing on Snapchat too – but their most successful content was user generated videos and testimonials running well over a minute long. They needed a way to convert the success of these assets across Snapchat's technical requirements of a 10-second runtime and vertical-only content. 

The Solution: Snap Ads and Snap Story Ads

By using only their highest performing videos on Facebook and official still assets as footage, Hoodworks Video created a suite of videos and GIFs native to the platform for each product Briogeo wanted to promote on Snapchat. We made multiple 10-second Snap Ads and animated GIFs for each product, as well as longer Snap Story Ads for Discover by linking together these 10-second assets and including a Snap Tile cover image.

The Result

By restricting the content used to pieces already known to have had high engagement on Facebook and adding in branding and product shots, we maximize the effectiveness of the 10-second ad. We also took full advantage of the purchase power behind Social Media Advertising by including an interactive "Swipe up for 10% off" link right in the ad that leads to their shopping page to help drive instant conversions.

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